Baby - Klimt Gustav

Baby - Klimt Gustav

Adele Bloch Bauer - Klimt Gustav


The portrait of Adele Bloch - Bauer is an oil on canvas with dimensions of 138 x 138 cm painted by the artist Gustav Klimt in 1907 and kept at the Galerie Belvedere in Vienna. The painting by Klimt depicts Adele Bloch-Bauer sitting in an armchair facing the viewer. The painting shows the point of arrival of Klimt's decorative art: the difference between the figure and the background disappears to make room for the decoration that blends everything. The background, the armchair and the decorated dress of the woman come together in a continuous decoration with geometric shapes mixed with the wise use of the gold leaf. The only parts that refer to a three-dimensional effect are the face and hands of the portrayed woman. The decorations on the dress are now those of the classic Klimt repertoire or stylized eyes and geometric figures taken from Egyptian art. The portrait file of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustave Klimt is kept in the historical archive of Shopart. This file in very high resolution allows a print on canvas of the painting reflecting colors and shapes without any distortion or pixel effect. The Giclee printing technique allows fine art prints with a very deep color range for printing on very high-quality poster paper. Furthermore, Klimt's painting is available on a mdf wood panel. To make the artistic reproduction similar to the original work, just add the varnish paint brush effect specially designed by the technicians in Shopart. This paint, non-toxic and transparent, does not alter the colors but adds a similar effect to the artworks painted in oil on canvas with raised brushstrokes visible to both eye and touch.


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Artist Gustav Klimt
Title Adele Bloch Bauer
Main color No Color
Layout Square
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